Rolex GMT Master2 116718LN


  • CASE MATERIAL:18k 24 Micron Yellow Gold Plated 904L Steel
  • BEZEL : Rotating Steel with Black Ceramic Insert
  • GLASS :Sapphire
  • DIAL :Black
  • MOVEMENT :Miyota 8215 Automatic Power Reserve: 48 Hours
  • FUNCTIONS :Central Hours, Minutes and Seconds Date by Window
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Rolex GMT-Master II 116718LN: A Timepiece of Distinction

In the world of luxury watches, Rolex has consistently maintained its reputation as a symbol of prestige, precision, and innovation. Among its remarkable collections, the Rolex GMT-Master II 116718LN stands out as a true testament to the brand’s enduring commitment to excellence. With its stunning design, impeccable craftsmanship, and a rich history rooted in aviation and exploration, this timepiece has earned its place as a coveted accessory for horology enthusiasts and globetrotters alike.

The History of the GMT-Master II

Before delving into the exquisite details of the Rolex GMT-Master II 116718LN, it’s important to understand the rich history behind this iconic series. The GMT-Master II lineage has its origins in the 1950s when Rolex designed a watch specifically for Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) pilots. This watch needed to display multiple time zones simultaneously, which was crucial for long-haul flights and navigating across different time zones.

The original GMT-Master, released in 1954, featured a distinctive red and blue bezel, earning it the nickname “Pepsi” among collectors. Over the years, Rolex continued to refine the GMT-Master series, culminating in the introduction of the GMT-Master II in 1982, which allowed for the independent setting of the hour hand. This innovation made it even more practical for travelers, as they could easily adjust the local time without disturbing the accuracy of the watch.

The Design of the Rolex GMT-Master II 116718LN

The Rolex GMT-Master II 116718LN, introduced in 2005, represents a modern interpretation of the classic GMT-Master design, combining the brand’s traditional elements with contemporary features. One of its most striking visual characteristics is the black Cerachrom ceramic bezel, which replaces the traditional red and blue “Pepsi” or red and black “Coke” bezels found on earlier models. The introduction of the Cerachrom bezel brought several benefits, including resistance to scratches, corrosion, and fading due to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays

The 116718LN retains the iconic oyster case design, known for its robustness and water resistance. Crafted from 18-karat yellow gold, the case measures 40mm in diameter, providing a perfect balance between classic proportions and modern wearability. The solid case back, engraved with Rolex’s signature logo, enhances the watch’s overall elegance.

Another notable feature of this GMT-Master II model is its iconic “Maxi” dial, characterized by larger luminous hour markers and wider Mercedes-style hands. The use of luminous material ensures excellent legibility in various lighting conditions, a crucial factor for pilots and travelers.

The Movement

Powering the Rolex GMT-Master II 116718LN is the in-house Caliber 3186 movement. Rolex’s commitment to precision and reliability is evident in this self-winding mechanical movement. It features a Parachrom hairspring, which is highly resistant to shocks and magnetic fields, ensuring that the watch maintains its accuracy even in challenging environments.

The Caliber 3186 offers a second-time zone function through an independently adjustable 24-hour hand, which is synchronized with the traditional hour, minute, and seconds hands. This functionality allows wearers to track two time zones simultaneously, making it an ideal companion for frequent travelers or those conducting business across different parts of the world.

The Oyster Bracelet

The Rolex GMT-Master II 116718LN comes with the iconic Oyster bracelet, made from the same 18-karat yellow gold as the case. This three-piece link bracelet not only complements the watch’s overall aesthetics but also provides exceptional comfort and durability. The Oysterlock clasp, equipped with the Easylink extension system, allows for adjustments of up to 5mm without the need for tools, making it adaptable to various wrist sizes and situations, such as when wearing the watch over a flight suit or diving suit.

The Performance

Rolex is renowned for its rigorous testing procedures, and the GMT-Master II 116718LN is no exception. Before leaving the Rolex factory, each watch undergoes a series of tests to ensure its precision, waterproofness, and overall performance. The watch is designed to withstand depths of up to 100 meters (330 feet), making it suitable for swimming and recreational diving.

Additionally, Rolex’s Superlative Chronometer certification guarantees the GMT-Master II’s exceptional precision. Rolex tests its movements to an accuracy of -2/+2 seconds per day, which is more than twice the standard set by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). This level of precision ensures that the watch will keep accurate time no matter where your travels take you.

The Appeal to Collectors

Beyond its exceptional functionality, the Rolex GMT-Master II 116718LN holds a special place in the hearts of collectors. Its unique combination of a solid 18-karat yellow gold case, black Cerachrom bezel, and green GMT hand set it apart from other Rolex models. Collectors often refer to this color scheme as the “Rolex Hulk” due to its vivid green accents.

The Rolex GMT-Master II 116718LN also features the iconic Cyclops lens over the date window, magnifying the date display for enhanced legibility. This practical feature is now a hallmark of Rolex’s design language and is instantly recognizable to watch enthusiasts.

While many luxury watches depreciate in value over time, Rolex watches, particularly those with distinctive features like the GMT-Master II 116718LN, have a history of appreciating in value. This makes them not only a statement piece but also a wise investment for those with a passion for horology.

The Legacy of the Rolex GMT-Master II

The Rolex GMT-Master II 116718LN carries with it a legacy of precision, innovation, and adventure. From its inception as a tool for pilots to its current status as an emblem of luxury and style, this timepiece has a storied history that continues to evolve. Its enduring appeal lies in its ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between form and function.

This watch has been spotted on the wrists of numerous influential figures, from world leaders to celebrities, cementing its status as a symbol of success and accomplishment. It’s a watch that tells a story, not just of timekeeping but of journeys, exploration, and the pursuit of excellence.


In the world of luxury watches, few timepieces can match the Rolex GMT-Master II 116718LN in terms of style, functionality, and historical significance. With its stunning design, robust construction, and precision movement, it stands as a testament to Rolex’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Whether you’re a globetrotter in need of a reliable companion for tracking multiple time zones or a collector looking to acquire a piece of horological history, the Rolex GMT-Master II 116718LN offers a timeless blend of form and function. It’s more than just a watch; it’s a symbol of achievement, adventure, and the enduring allure of Rolex.

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